Nevermind sticks and stones - words CAN hurt you!

June 15, 2020

A lot of people ask me how I was able to go from years of disability, 24/7 chronic pain, chronic fatigue, significant defeat and endless fear > to 90% improved quality of life after living with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years!!

Well - the short answer is I created a MINDSET of possibility by changing my WORDS in how I saw (and continue to see) my autoimmune disease.

All my decision making, hope for improvement and action in how I saw my health “was” anger and fear based.
That my body was the enemy
That I had to fight myself
That I was broken
That I was powerless
That I was completely dependent
Afterall, this is what I read. And what I was told.

Enter a SHIFT! 15 years after my RA diagnosis, 1000s of pills, injections and days/nights with little improvement, I learned about root cause drivers of disease.

I learned that I could have control over disease severity by paying attention to diet, stress, environment and lifestyle, toxins and more.
My immune system was reacting.

Yes - at first, I eye-rolled. 🙄
But curious, I paid attention. And I started to see that I actually did have trigger foods that made me feel worse. That stress was like an IV of inflammation being injected. That I had chemical sensitivities and so-much-more.

I started to realize that I was repeatedly REACTING to “something”, that was keeping my immune system revved.

Although I’ve been able to manage my inflammation for awhile now, no - I’m not “cured”. In fact, the past few weeks, I’ve been flaring.

My WORDS however MADE A DIFFERENCE in managing my flare.

I knew I wasn’t doomed.
I knew I had to pay attention.
I KNEW I was REACTING and my body was doing what it “thought” it was supposed to do (albeit dysfunctional). Words you listen to and tell yourself can absolutely make a difference!

Don’t believe me?
Would you rather hear you’re hated or loved?
Words can absolutely hurt or help you.

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