Laugh more to stress less to improve your health!

July 31, 2019

Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE to laugh!

I’ve always gravitated to humour for its universal effect in making people happy. But what I’ve come to realize are the many therapeutic effects that laughing has had on improving my mental AND physical health.

Have you ever noticed how present you are when you laugh? How even for a moment, mental and physical stress subsides? And how your mood shifts to be a little lighter? .
Laughing has been long studied in its ability to provide stress relief and improve health. Here are just some of the benefits:
😂 Releases our “feel good” chemicals
😂 Reduces pain
😂 Activates Vagus nerve to create a rest response
😂 Decreases stress hormones
😂 Improves our immune system
😂 Creates positivity
😂 Improves digestion
😂 Is healing

In my experience, healthy humour and laughter has always been the “best medicine”. And with intention, I seek out opportunities to laugh daily.

Need a good laugh? .
Watch a funny movie, a standup comic or funny pet videos. Talk with friends and family that make you laugh. Follow funny accounts or apps. Laugh at yourself by not taking everything so seriously. Play a board game.

Does something specific make you laugh? Do more of that!
Do you laugh regularly? What makes you laugh? 🤗😂🤣🙌

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