I told myself a "Secret".

August 28, 2019

Never underestimate the power of decision(s), belief in yourself and possibilities!

I know this may sound all "rah rah", but as I've been discovering lately, it's actually legit!

As I work toward my health and life goals, I’ve had to ask myself some hard questions recently:
Where am I at?
Where do I want to go? and
What do I need to do to get there?
Actually, the questions weren’t as hard as drowning out the voices of fear, doubt and expectation. Those voices that told me not to bother.  That I was too far gone to improve and that possibilities only existed for other people.

But I did. I shut them up and in being completely open, honest and vulnerable, I listened to my heart and soul in what I truly wanted and, and I equally provided space to hear my truthful answers.
I then made a few big decisions.

Decisions that were followed by setting intentions. And what followed those was a shift I’ve never felt before.

Man! It was special! 💫


Within a couple of days, I started to became clear. Not in every detail (room for the unknown is actually the fun part), but clear in my direction and my goals. I “saw” them and actually said them out loud. #belief

A day later, I randomly had a conversation on goals and opportunities. And 2 days after that, I find myself sitting in a room listening to Bob Proctor talk about goals and opportunities! 😳🙌😭. Whaaaaat??
My clear, became clearer.
All of this is NOT by accident. .

I am SO grateful.
We truly hold the power of change in ourselves and I cannot wait to experience what happens next!

Are you stuck?
Then change what you’re doing.
If you can think it, it’s possible! 🤗❤️

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