Change your environment stress to improve your health!

July 21, 2019

Yesterday was an incredibly hot day where I live. 🔥

I struggled for awhile during the day, with heat, smog, and stress of impatient drivers in the never ending construction zones of summer. But later in the day, when I changed my environment to meet my body’s mental and physical needs, I started to feel so much better!

As I went outside in my back yard, I was shocked to see one of my plants had completely wilted. I knew it was hot, but this was next level wilting. It almost looked dead and I wondered if it could even be recovered. In a weird way I felt the struggle of this plant. Merely surviving, not thriving.

It struck me how being in an environment that wasn’t conducive to thriving was impacting the health of my plant. It reminded me how environmental stress has impacted my own health that day and over the years, and that care and action was needed. My plant wasn’t dead. It was just struggling.

By changing the plant’s environment, I was able to revive it within 12 hours. It had been responding to its own environmental stress, and needed that stress to change, or it would continue to decline.

I wanted to share this as a metaphor and example of how environmental stress can affect our own health. Healing and recovering is multi-faceted. Understanding that our bodies are often responding to “needs” in different ways (as opposed to being dysfunctional), was a huge concept for me in my healing journey; and something I now pay attention to.

Environment stress matters.

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