Being open to possibilities can change everything!

September 5, 2019

Do you wake up in the morning smiling, energized, and excited for the day to get started?
Me neither.

Until NOW!!💫 (And trust me - even the dog is confused).

I can’t even tell you how many shifts I’ve experienced in the past 4 years, few months, and even in recent weeks.


But what I can tell you is this:
When I started believing in possibilities and wanting more than a predictable future littered with limits; things started to shift!
I’m talking shift from “stalled with flat tires and the engine light on” to “let’s turn the music up and drive, baby!” 🤘🎶

Four years ago (15 years in to a disabling autoimmune disease), I made a decision there was nothing to lose by being open to new ideas (especially because what I was doing wasn’t working)!

What resulted from that one decision were gains I never imagined:
✔️ Gains in health
✔️ Gains in friendships
✔️ Gains in community
✔️ Gains in career I didn’t know were possible
🙌 And making an impact by helping others!

I’ve since refused to become complacent, and as I keep striving, I’ve continued to experience improvements.
I remind myself everyday my diagnosis is not my prognosis, and with a mindset of resilience, growth, achievement and joy, I continue to try and do my best every day.

As I look toward the future now, I no longer see or feel limits. I know we all have infinite capability in us (despite a current circumstance), and I’m continuing to experience first hand what’s possible.

If you’re currently feeling “stalled”,


ready to rock the status quo and unlock what’s possible for you too, let’s chat about getting into gear and be total Shi(f)t Disturbers!! 😎🤘 .

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