BEE still.

August 15, 2019

Does the thought of meditating stress you out?
It used to for me.

Trying to be calm to clear my mind, and slow my breathing only stressed me out more. I would find myself focusing on how I couldn’t clear my mind and became more anxious. Besides, I didn’t have time. I also didn't make time.

As I embarked on my healing journey, I began to realize 3 important things:

1. Meditation is important, but looks different for everyone.
2. In order to heal, it’s important to break the stress cycle.
3. I need to make time.

Once in awhile I would try guided meditations. They work sometimes, and I continue to explore different versions and practices.

But for me, nature is my greatest form of meditation.
It always has been. I just never called it that - until I connected benefit. It’s amazing how focused, free from distraction and calm I become by observing nature at work.

I make time now. I value my version of meditation and feel the benefit. My mind clears. My breathing slows. I inhale the possibilities of life, healing, regeneration and change as I watch it occur in nature. It's where I also exhale fear.

Today I made time to look at a flower and noticed a bee making its rounds. It was incredibly therapeutic as the feelings of peace and possibilities took hold. I was present. I was still. It wasn't traditional meditation but still meditative.


What works for you?

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