Paying Attention. And Intention.

July 10, 2019

Some important strategies I’ve learned in my personal healing journey, is to pay attention to how I feel (physically and mentally) and adapt as needed.

Our stressors, environment, interactions, activity, demands and emotions are always changing, and it can be frustrating when we make great strides toward healing and life in general - only to experience a setback.

When setbacks happen (because they will happen), it’s important to not welcome in defeat, but recognize that change (good and bad) is just part of the journey.

The way I help myself to not get overwhelmed, and keep aligned with my healing intention, is to literally check in with myself.

👉I assess if I’m tired, stressed, stiff, and where pain may exist - to name a few.
👉I decide what actions I need to take to make the most of the day.
👉I take necessary actions based on those needs.


If you’ve read the Four Agreements (which I HIGHLY recommend), Agreement 4 has been really freeing and empowering for me: “Always do your best”.

Because guess what? Not every day is going to be a 10. We can’t control every aspect of our day and some days, it’s a 3. Or 5. Or 7. You just need to be the best damn 3, 5 or 7 you can be that day.

I’ve had some great 8-10 level days lately, but reality has struck and today is not one of those days.

Today, I’m a 6. And I’m ok.

Today, I’ve scheduled rest, set boundaries, am working on programs while I introvert, and frankly am being the best 6 I can be in order to create more level 8-10 days.

I’ve come a loooong way from the days of disability, and am not taking for granted what got me here: assessment, decisions, actions and intentions to keep going.

The journey continues...



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