Possibilities happen when you create them.

July 5, 2019

Do you ever pause for a moment and tell yourself “I’m proud of you.”


I found myself saying those words today as I looked down at my seemingly “normal” looking knees. I was kind of taken aback as I also realized my ankles no longer look deformed. 😱


Staring at my knees and ankles that I never thought could be mine again, I wanted to share what healing can look like. What possibilities look like.

As you can see, these pics are 2 years apart - not overnight.


My inflamed pics were 17 years in the making, diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis in January 2000.

My more mobile, less painful, less inflamed knees and ankles were 3 years in the making - and counting.



I know first hand that having a chronic disease and related disabilities can be daunting; and trying to maintain hope to see any change and healing can seem impossible.

If I didn’t experience this myself, I would hardly believe it either.

But! The day I asked “what if?” and started making changes to diet, stress, toxins, community, lifestyle, mindset, perceptions, and movement - is when the healing started. It’s actually legit. It’s all-the-things.


I’ve also realized there is no downside when you begin nourishing your body with real food, and improving lifestyle by (re)creating a healing environment.

It WILL take time and patience.
It WILL have challenges.
It WILL require change and action.
It WILL also create possibilities.

What changes are you making to create possibilities? ❤️



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