Wait! There's GOOD side effects?

March 29, 2019

4 years ago when I began to take control of my health, everything I was doing was focused decreasing relentless inflammation and addressing pain and fatigue from active RA. Inflamed joints were painful: also affecting my mobility. I also had major issues with Quality of NO Life; trying to stay awake more than a few hours.


At first I made changes to my diet. Some I’ve sustained and some have evolved over the years as needed.

Lastly, I started to look and the chemicals and toxins in my home and around me. And as I began to remove synthetic fragrances in personal care, cleaning products, air fresheners and avoiding places with high exposures, I began to experience even greater improvement.

When stress, diet and toxins were addressed as core lifestyle adjustments, and added in movement and sleep, my hormones started to regulate too (what you can’t see here is that I have my right thyroid removed and am on zero medication to compensate).


As I look at these current pictures of me after 4 years of making changes, I see the side effects in ways I never expected.


My skin has completely cleared and smoothened out.



And my hair has almost doubled in thickness.


I’m embracing not having to wear make-up as often and now have curls that were previously thin, stringy strands.



There is no magic pill to heal anything, but there is magic in change, openness, consistency and patience.
All of this did not happen over night.
But it’s happening!!!


In 3 weeks I will be turning 49.
Never in my wildest visions after 19 years of severe RA did I expect these side effects as I age. It’s been a journey of highs and lows, but worth every minute of time and effort. After years of scary effects, these are the types of side effects I’m excited about!!

The magic happened when I was open to change, and just started.



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