Belief changed everything. Including my beliefs!

January 11, 2019

I’m often asked what my first step was toward improving my health. Diet? Sleep? Stress Management? Other?

And while those actions matter, without a doubt it was “believing” that I could.
Not to be confused with positive thinking (which has its place), believing I could improve, changed everything! .

It wasn’t easy. I had to shift my thinking from everything I “thought” to be true. And untrue.

👉I had to BELIEVE I was worthy

👉 I had to BELIEVE in possibilities.

👉 I had to BELIEVE there are options.

👉 I had to BELIEVE in myself more than others did.

And when progress didn’t happen as fast as I hoped it would;
👉 I had to BELIEVE with patience.

Whether it’s health, career, or personal goals, are you simply “hoping” to achieve them, or do you believe you will?




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