Hydration Station - to go!

August 11, 2018

Drinking quality water, free of harmful chemicals and pathogens has been a huge priority for our family. And since purchasing our Berkey a few years ago, it remains one of the BEST purchases toward improved health we’ve made! The difference has really been astounding in taste, purity and consumption 💦 #toxinfree


When we decided on the Berkey for its filtering capability and filter life of 5-7 years (to name a few), “mobility” factored high in our decision-making as well. We loved the idea that we could take it with us if we ever moved. We also loved that it is portable to take with us to our cottage rentals! 🚙 .


Not only has the Berkey completely eliminated our need to buy bottled water (at home and cottage), we enjoy consistent, high quality, and great tasting water we can trust.😋


If you’re considering a water filter and still on the fence which one to choose, I continue to highly recommend the Berkey. Not only has it been a great filter at home, it’s also ideal for camping, a RV, or cottage.


This size (Royal) has suited our family well for our water consumption, but you can size up or down depending on your family needs.❤️💦🙌🏕


Do you use a water filter?


If you're in Canada, you can purchase a Berkey here!!









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