Busting through Stress with the "Four Agreements!"

August 30, 2018

This one goes out to all the humans!


Because whether you’re an adult, teen, or anywhere in between, these Agreements are for you!


For Chronic illness and stress sufferers, these are really important!! Releasing trapped emotions of despair, anger, fear and resentment is critical toward healing. Practicing these perspectives can help!


A few weeks ago, I found myself “stuck”.

Not in the literal sense in a place where I couldn’t move, (although metaphorically, it certainly felt that way), but feeling off, frustrated, and not myself.

As someone who’s usually motivated and positive, I was “in my head”; questioning everything. Perhaps it was the pop-up flares I was experiencing, or not accomplishing a few goals in the time frame I had set for myself (probably both). Regardless, I was frustrated.


That’s when a friend suggested a book to me that would change EVERYTHING! .


Unlike any other book I’ve read, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS applies to EVERYONE (in my opinion). Not only did this quick read provide the validation of what I’ve been doing successfully, it perfectly highlighted the “OMG – I totally do that!” areas where I was stuck.


It was instantly clear how NOT incorporating the concepts of the Four Agreements was leading to incredible, unnecessary stress! “Perceived” stress that can become chronic over time, manifesting in anxiety, frustration, and dis-ease.


You HAVE to read about them for full impact with examples, but in a nutshell:


🗣Always be impeccable with your word
👀Don’t take things personally
😱Don’t make assumptions
💪Always try your best.


Sounds fundamental, right?


My only regret in reading this book is that I didn’t read it sooner. It’s also available as an audiobook. And like a good friend, it’s great to listen to (or read) when you need an agreement reminder.


Do you practice these 4 Agreements?

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