Identifying Toxins!

February 7, 2018

Like most people, I lived the #statusquo for a very long time. #hohum

Moseying my day to day life....unaware of the “toxicity” that surrounded me. 🙄


And despite an autoimmune diagnosis, chronic pain, a thyroid cancer scare, depression, and a myriad of unexplained health issues, I never really questioned any of it. I accepted it - as the crappy hand I was dealt And continued on. #keptmoseyingalong


Well! If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 3 years, and now am SUPER passionate about, is awareness and education. 💡 ESPECIALLY when it comes to TOXINS!!


It’s amazing what can happen when you start paying attention. 🤓 Personally, I’ve reframed the belief that toxins are not “just” hazardous chemicals, but can actually come in MANY forms.


And amazingly, were/are the major driver to many of my health challenges:


☠️ Synthetic Fragrance
☠️ People
☠️ Processed Foods/chemicals
☠️ Thoughts
☠️ Unresolved emotions
☠️ Stress Management
☠️ Heavy Metal poisoning
☠️ Pathogens
☠️ Certain medications
☠️ Mold


As I started to become more aware of different forms of toxins, I began making huge changes. Hard changes. Necessary changes. #nothingworthitiseasy


And amazingly, when my perspective on toxins, shifted, so did my health!! I can honestly say, I’ve yielded some pretty amazing results. 🙌


It’s a slow process #patienceneeded, but can be really rewarding, when you start to figure it out. 💪 🏆


So to the many people I know (and those I don’t) who are suffering - please know that even though we can’t control “everything”, we CAN control MANY things!! I truly believe 💯 we do NOT have to settle.


We CAN have amazing quality of life. Perhaps for you too, it can start with identifying toxins.....

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