A new take on coffee. Pass the Mushrooms?

December 27, 2017


I have to admit, I LOVE coffee. ☕️❤️

I can actually remember my first introduction by my Grandmother at 9 years old. Haha. I'm not even kidding!


And although there can be some health benefits when consumed in moderation, it’s especially important to be smart about consumption when you have an autoimmune condition.


Yes, coffee is an amazing antioxidant, and helps with circulation that can stimulate the liver and increase blood flow to the brain. But it can also be taxing on your body; creating anxiety, adding stress to your adrenal glands, and can affect you calcium and magnesium levels.


Enter - Mushroom Coffee!! 🙌 🍄 ☕️

THIS my friends, is a game changer!!

Arabica coffee + chaga 🍄 and cordyceps 🍄 gives me not only the coffee taste I love, but even more enhanced benefits, without the stress of regular coffee. 🙌.


Does this mean drink 5 cups a day? NO!! But, if you’re looking for a coffee alternative that still provides true coffee satisfaction without the stress - give this a try!!







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