Optimism and the mind-body connection!

December 5, 2017


If you’ve ever had a bad day🙋 (and who hasn’t...?), there’s no denying “cup half full/half empty” analogies have been shared to motivate you.
And why?
Because positivity and optimism legitimately share a mind/body connection - for real! 🙌


Do you know that positive thinking can translate to improved health and longevity?
Studies have shown just that!


In general, people who tend toward positive thinking and optimism not only live longer (7 years on average), but also recover faster from illness, have better immunity, experience less stress symptoms, and have more pain tolerance. And that’s just a start!


Feeling pessimistic? Here’s a few strategies to help you shift your thinking:

🤗 Surround yourself with positive people!
🤗 Focus on the present - not negative past experiences
🤗 Create positive goals
🤗 Don’t focus on negative “what ifs”
🤗 Be realistic. Sh*t happens. Just roll with it and don’t panic
🤗 Breathe! 3 deep breaths through your nose to calm down and focus
🤗 Positive self talk. “I can.” “I will”.
🤗 Focus on what you can control.


Practicing optimism can truly benefit your health and well-being. Start shifting and start living!



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