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Change ONE thing, and start living!

November 30, 2017


“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” ~Gail Sheehy


I ❤️ this quote!! Raise your hand if you think change is sometimes scary, or uncomfortable? 🙋. You bet!!

BUT - it can also be rewarding and freeing, and frankly - it’s necessary!


If we want different results to occur in our health, our relationships and general well-being, it’s not going to come by doing the same thing, or thinking the same way. We need to challenge ourselves and embrace change! 💪🙌


The key is to not get overwhelmed. Start with ONE thing, and build on it. Results will come with patience and consistency.


Try a new class. Meet new people. Experiment with unfamiliar foods. Wear different colours. Learn to say no. And to other things, yes.  There are sooooooo many possibilities to positive change.


And start today!! Because, why not?? 🤗



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