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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Living with autoimmune disease and chronic illness can feel like a never ending rollercoaster.   The unpredictable and individual nature of flare ups causing pain, inflammation and fatigue (to name a few) can affect every facet of life; work, relationships, family and socially.


If you're ready for change, but overwhelmed with information and unsure where to start,  my personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching is for you! 

Decisions we make, and action we take every day, matters when our health is deteriorated.  By adopting a healing mindset and forming  sustainable habits focused on health, you can create improvement and experience better quality of life.

Areas addressed include:  Mindset, Nutrition, Stress Management, Sleep, Digestion, Toxin Awareness,  and much more!

Corporate Wellness

An alert, motivated, and healthy workforce -  is a productive and profitable workforce!

Absence due to illness is unfortunately becoming more common in the workplace, with disability on the rise.  Often, health suffers as a result of un-managed stress, poor eating habits, and fatigue.


Customized to meet your needs, I deliver informative and engaging workshops to guide and empower your employees to make changes that create proactive and sustainable healthy habits that matter!

A healthy workforce that is motivated, energized and productive is both an employee and employer win-win!