Everyday is an opportunity to improve Health and Quality of Life with chronic illness!

Did you know?

Chronic illness is now reported to affect 1 in 3 people, with autoimmunity affecting 1 in 5 people?

Did you know?

Communication style, language and interpretation of information can be the difference between

health empowerment and defeat?


It's time to SHIFT the autoimmune disease PARADIGM

> Quality of Life is POSSIBLE!












I'm on a 


to create health possibilities with autoimmunity!

With over two decades of professional communication experience,

and living with autoimmune disease for 20 years,

Krista knows first hand that WHAT we say, HOW we hear it, and WHAT we do, MATTERS!

This is especially  important when living with autoimmune disease.

"When we normalize an autoimmune diagnosis

as "the bad cards we've been dealt",

we often become dis-empowered by belief that improved Quality of Life and healing isn't possible".

--Krista Rowan

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